Child Custody

Negotiating Child Custody | How Abogados De Divorcio NJ Can Help

Child Custody

Divorce cases can become contentious quickly, and the issue of custody over a child/children is one that often causes cases to be incredibly contentious. What’s unfortunate about this reality is that most children don’t really get to have a say in the negotiations of a divorce, and this is one reason why children are often negatively affected, and quite significantly, in the wake of a divorce.

Protecting a child/children should be priority number one in a divorce case, yet sometimes parents let emotions and asset values get in the way of this, and in such cases the results can be disastrous for children. For New Jersey residents, it’s essential to hire an experienced divorce attorney in NJ, for this professional will see to it that your divorce is negotiated and settled in a way that’s best for all parties involved, especially children.

Deciding which parent is allowed custody and for how long will require the skills and experience of a qualified divorce lawyer. At Abogados De Divorcio NJ, our team has been committed to delivering high-quality services for years, and we are particularly preferred in the Tri-state area because we provide comprehensive bilingual legal services for Spanish speakers. Here’s more on what we can provide to those who are anticipating or currently engaged in a custody battle.

How We Help With Custody and Child Support | Abogados De Divorcio NJ

Whether you need assistance with establishing fair custody, visitation arrangements, or parental relocation, our family law experts can help. Putting families on the path towards a bright future is something we take very seriously here at Abogados De Divorcio NJ. We can stand firm and protect your rights along with the best interests of your children. We’ll represent you even in the most contentious courtroom.
If you need help with child custody and visitation, call a divorce lawyer in NJ! We can help divorcing parents and non-married parents create child custody and visitation plans that keep everyone’s best interests in focus. We can also help with relocation if it’s believed that this is for the best interests of the child. Additionally, we can help with child support, parenting coordinators, and paternity tests. Reaching fair settlements is what we’re known for, and we can make sure that your case gets handled without undue stress and excessive amounts of money spent. Most importantly, we’ll make sure your children are protected from the emotional trauma that’s commonly associated with divorce cases.

Why Abogados De Divorcio NJ for Child Support and Custody Issues

Our attorneys can help with a variety of aspects related to child custody and child support, including determination of child support level, modifications and enforcement as they’re related to child support, collecting on past-due child support, paternity as it relates to child support, and child support for non-married couples. If you are entitled to child support, we believe that you should get it as the law dictates, and anyone who’s paying should be doing so in accordance with the law. If you’re involved in a contentious divorce, we’ll solve the tough problems and make sure a fair settlement gets handed down.