Child Support

How Abogados De Divorcio NJ Can Help With Child Support

Child Support

Divorce cases don’t require a lawyer, but having a skilled lawyer, one who can protect your rights and ensure your best interests are forwarded, is good nonetheless. The sometimes complicated and confusing processes that are involved in divorce cases are not a problem to skilled, expert attorneys, and this is largely why they’re able to deliver so many successful outcomes. Furthermore, emotions can inhibit parties from thinking clearly and/or deciding properly.
In the following sections, we’re going to look at one aspect of divorce cases, child support, in depth to better understand how and why child support is sought. Remember that trusted attorneys like the ones at Abogados De Divorcio NJ can ensure your divorce case is handled with care, and we’re the bilingual legal experts you should contact if you’re (A) looking to get child support in a divorce settlement or (B) confused about what your obligations are for paying child support in a case that’s already been decided.

Important Aspects of Child Support

Child support is essential to ensuring one’s children have good health and well-being in the wake of a divorce. Rights and obligations can be explained by a qualified divorce attorney, and these professionals can protect a client’s best interests in court. Child support laws are set by statute in most states, though judges play a major role in how child support payments are set up and enforced. The level of payment obligation is determined by several factors, including the income of each parent, number of children, and medical insurance costs. Both joint physical custody and sole physical custody can also affect how much support is needed/given.

Child Support or Unallocated Support

While statutes govern child support laws in most states, judges have the authority to overrule these guidelines on a case-by-case basis. For New Jersey residents, a divorce lawyer in NJ can persuade a judge to deviate away from what the letter of the law requires on account of special circumstances, and this is very important in cases where high-value assets are involved.
Individuals may need child support to pay for healthcare, daycare, extracurricular activities, and/or other important facets of a child’s life that cannot be supported without monetary help. It’s in this area where unallocated support payments come in, and these have been found to provide financial benefits to both parties in a divorce case. At Abogados De Divorcio NJ, our qualified and skilled attorneys have years of experience in dealing with such unallocated support payments, and therefore we’ll be able to provide comprehensive services and ensure you get a fair deal that’s in line with your interests.
Furthermore, we’ll make sure that your child/children are protected throughout, and we’ll do everything we can to help them through what’s likely to be an upsetting time. Negotiating child support payments need not be a stressful and emotionally draining experience, especially if you get us on your side.

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