Why Our Services Are Preferred | Abogados De Divorcio NJ


Divorce cases often involve several different stages and procedures, and therefore it’s best to hire a divorce lawyer who knows the ins and outs of this vast area of law. For New Jersey residents, hiring a divorce lawyer in NJ is wholly recommended, for these professionals can provide trustworthy, experience-backed counseling and guide divorcees through even the most complex cases.

Furthermore, law firms like ours are especially preferred because we can deliver comprehensive, bilingual Spanish-speaking legal assistance. We’re able to provide first-rate legal services to our clients, and there will never be an instance where we let an error in translation inhibit you from receiving exceptional help. From property distributions to alimony/child support and high-value prenuptial agreements, we can handle a wide variety of divorce-related cases and ensure your best interests are represented throughout. Here’s more on what we here at Abogados De Divorcio NJ can provide to our clients.

1. Bilingual Services for Spanish-Speakers

Working with a divorce lawyer in NJ who specializes in bilingual legal services provides several benefits. For example, these individuals have professional relationships with forensic accountants, investment experts, investigators, and appraisers, all of whom can play vital roles in establishing a fair claim to marital assets. Those who can’t communicate primarily in English rely on our services to ensure their rights and best interests are protected and advanced.

2. Uncontested Divorce and Divorce Litigation Specialists

Some divorce cases are uncontested and usually a lot more straightforward than contentious divorce cases. Both simple and complicated cases, however, can involve a variety of elements, and therefore even the simplest of cases can become long, drawn-out processes.
Divorce litigation in particular can take a considerable amount of time, though a lot does have to do with the state in which the case is being tried; divorce and marital laws vary from state to state. If your case goes to litigation, our experts can work tirelessly to reach a resolution, saving time and money while reducing significantly both stress and emotional trauma. If you have to be involved in a contentious courtroom litigation, our representatives will do everything in their power to ensure you receive a favorable outcome.

3. Child Support Negotiations

Alimony payments may or may not be included in an overall divorce settlement, and a court may mandate that alimony (spousal support) gets paid in a long-term marriage, especially when a spouse is unable to provide for him or herself. In most cases, however, the decision to include alimony in an overall settlement is made between spouses. A divorce attorney in NJ can assist with alimony negotiations and help establish a system both parties can work under.

4. Child Custody Negotiations

Divorce cases are often complex and difficult, though a whole new dimension of difficulty is added when there are children involved. Abogados De Divorcio NJ is committed to ensuring that children are protected throughout the process, even if it gets drawn out. We can also be valuable representatives in the event that your custody battle ends up in court.