Uncontested Divorce

Why Our Uncontested Divorce Services Are Preferred

Uncontested Divorce

Whereas a lot of individuals believe that divorce cases are always contentious, drawn-out processes that involve an incredible amount of anguish, there are actually a good number of cases that get resolved with little dispute. These are known commonly as uncontested divorce cases.
Often regarded as the simplest kind of divorce case, an uncontested divorce still requires the services of an experienced lawyer. For New Jersey residents, hiring a divorce lawyer in NJ to provide first-rate legal services for an uncontested divorce case is wholly recommended. We here at Abogados De Divorcio NJ are proud to provide effective, bilingual legal services to all our clients, and in the sections below we’re going to talk specifically about how a divorce attorney in NJ can assist with an uncontested divorce.

What to Expect From an Uncontested Divorce

In most uncontested divorce cases, spouses agree on some or all of the following items:

  • How custody of children, parenting time, and parenting responsibilities will be divvied up.
  • How much will be paid in child support and for how long.
  • How much will be paid in alimony (spousal support) and for how long.
  • How property and debt are to be divided.

Uncontested divorce cases are usually favorable to all parties involved, especially since these don’t require courtroom litigation that can get highly contentious quite quickly. Instead, what’s known as a “divorce settlement agreement” is filed, and this indicates that the two parties to a divorce case have made it clear how property and debt will be divided, who is to get custody of children, and whether any support payments will change hands. Of course a judge has to approve of this, but in most uncontested divorces this isn’t a problem. A judge will step in, however, if it’s clear that the settlement is clearly unfair to one party, or if the agreement was made in a time when one signee was under duress. The finalization of a divorce takes a specified amount of time, and this varies from state to state. Once the required time has elapsed, the divorce becomes final.

Where a Divorce Lawyer in NJ Comes in to Help

Of course every uncontested divorce is not without hassle or difficulty here and there, and those that do present some difficulty often involve minor children, lots of assets, and several pieces of real property, like homes or rental properties. Uncontested divorce is also the simplest when both parties to the case can support themselves independently, for this means alimony payments will not be required.
In any event, it’s incredibly beneficial if you have trusted representatives like us handling your case. With high-quality, bilingual uncontested divorce case services, Abogados De Divorcio NJ is able to ensure that all individuals who request their services are delivered first-rate legal expertise. A divorce attorney in NJ from our firm can make all the difference in your case! Don’t go into an uncontested divorce case without a skilled attorney and their team on your side. Call us at (732) 730-7284 and find out how we can help!